UniBG Plus

UniBg-Plus is a learning project composed of three modules - two modules of your own choice and an additional module (worth 5 or 6 CFUs) - that gives you the opportunity to widen your main study field and to enrich your CV with cross-cutting competences. This will give you a better understanding of today’s society and will enable you to develop those decision-making and problem-solving skills that are crucial to access the job market.

Check the information and the selection criteria provided below to see what Unibg-Plus projects you can be admitted to. To apply, fill in this form.

Please notice: the application deadline is on 23 October 2020.

The list of admitted students will be published by 13 November 2020 in the Studiare - Opportunità - UniBg-Plus section of the Department website offering the UniBg-Plus project you have chosen.

Unibg-Plus projects for IMEF students