Why choose this course?


In the last twenty years, digital technologies have given rise to a real revolution that is no less dramatic than the one of the early 1900s when electricity replaced steam engines. However, this progressive evolution towards digitalization has undergone a strong acceleration in recent times, extended to every single aspect of human and did not spare the business realm that has been drastically reshaped by the global digitalization trend.

Through three distinct curricula, the master's degree in Management, Marketing and Finance (MMF) aims at training future managers, entrepreneurs, marketing managers, and finance professionals that have great digital literacy and that have the right skills and knowledges to work in national and international contexts.

In highly digitized environments, competition becomes global, the markets automatically international, and contexts necessarily multicultural. For these reasons, this master’s degree program is totally taught in English, is integrated with specific educational programs for international mobility, and is supported by fruitful cooperation agreements with international partners like the Higher School of Economics of Nizhny Novgorod (Russia), the Johannes Kepler University of Linz (Austria), the Geneva School of Economics and Management (Switzerland) and by a big number of other international higher education institutions.


Students can choose between three distinct curricula: International Management and Digital Business (IMDB); Marketing Management (MM) and Finance.

  • International Management and Digital Business (IMDB): it’s a program aimed at training professionals equipped with the skills and knowledges needed to operate globally in any organization form, to develop new business models and to rejuvenate existing ones, to work on object-oriented strategic projects, and to redesign business processes by leveraging the power of digitalization. The skills and knowledges acquired upon completion of the master degree will also allow students to master the entrepreneurial process making them suitable candidate as future entrepreneurs, new venture start-uppers, and outstanding resource for companies looking for dynamic corporate entrepreneurs. Upon completion of the course students will learn how to use and apply market diagnostic tools, business intelligence platforms , business solutions for businesses and organizations. The IMDB program trains future digital project managers, junior international managers, export managers, entrepreneurs and junior digital advisors.


  • Marketing Management (MM): this curriculum is designed to train professionals specialized in marketing, communication and sales (digital and non-digital) able to work in any form of company regardless of whether they compete in industrial, manufacturing, service, and consumer markets. Upon completion of the master program students will be able to: analyze markets by making use of advanced quantitative and qualitative research methods; collect, analyze and interpret data from consumers’ datapoint; develop an integrated marketing plan; build and deploy CRM (customer relationship management) systems; organize online and social media advertising campaigns; plan and deploy sales channels and touchpoint for B2B and B2C customers; build strong brands in both B2B and B2C markets. Some examples of career opportunities are: junior marketing manager, digital marketing manager, key account and sales manager, sales support, commercial director, social media manager, account in advertising and communication agencies, brand manager, trade marketing manager.


  • Banking and Finance: the program is designed to train professional figures prepared to  work in financial institutions and corporate organizations. Students will learn how to make decisions regarding the allocation and dissemination of resources in conditions of uncertainty, will develop in-depth knowledge of corporate credit instruments and insurance business. Furthermore, they will develop economic and financial skills to evaluate innovative investment, financing and risk hedging choices for companies. This path also allows students to achieve the internationally recognized Chartered Financial Analyst certification.

If you are not afraid of being imbedded into a digital, international and dynamic context, this is the right degree program for you.

More than 20 professors from all over the world (30% of the faculty and hours taught), a local faculty of internationally known scholars and an international students’ environment will help you to live a unique academic experience and to measure yourself with challenging goals.

The long-lasting strategic partnerships the Department can boast with globally known technological providers of digital platforms and solutions for business intelligence, marketing automation and fintech make MMF a unique, rather than simply a different, choice for your future


The Master’s degree program MMF is designed to promote concrete experimentation and application of knowledge and skills acquired through experiential learning, such as real case studies, interactions and work with national and international companies, simulations and field project. Students have the opportunity to immediately apply digital technologies for making decisions; to interact in a multicultural environment thanks to the presence of visiting professors from all over the world and the interaction with international students; to participate in thematic educational programs; to take advantage of a wide range of European and extra-European internships.