Admission requirements

Admission to the Master's Degree in Management, Marketing & Finance AA 2022-2023

The admission to the Master's Degree Course in Management, Marketing and Finance (MMF) of Italian students is subject to an evaluation process that includes the assessment of the curricular requirements and the verification of the student's adequate preparation.

A. Curricular requirements

To be admitted to the degree course, it is necessary to have a three-year university degree or diploma or other qualification obtained abroad that is recognized as suitable.

It is also required to possess curricular requirements which vary according to the class of the three-year degree of origin.


1) In particular, graduates from the following classes, from any Italian Faculty and University can access the Master's Degree Course in Management, Innovation and Finance:

  • Ministerial Decree 270/04:

Class L-18 - Economics and business management sciences

Class L-33 - Economics

  • Ministerial Decree 509/99:

Class 17 - Economics and business management sciences

Class 28 - Economics

  • before Ministerial Decree 509/99: Four-year degree diploma obtained at a (former) Faculty of Economics.


2) For graduates from other degree classes, the curricular requirement for admission is to have acquired a minimum of 60 credits in the scientific-disciplinary sectors present in the following areas:

  • Class 13 - Economics and statistics: all SSDs
  • Class 12 - Legal Sciences: IUS/01 diritto privato IUS/02 diritto privato comparato IUS/04 diritto commerciale IUS/05 diritto dell'economia IUS/06 diritto della navigazione IUS/07 diritto del lavoro IUS/08 diritto costituzionale IUS/09 istituzioni di diritto pubblico IUS/10 diritto amministrativo IUS/12 diritto tributario IUS/13 diritto internazionale IUS/14 diritto dell'Unione Europea IUS/15 diritto processuale civile IUS/16 diritto processuale penale IUS/17 diritto penale IUS/20 filosofia del diritto.


Of the aforementioned 60 CFUs, at least 18 must concern SSDs: SECS-P / 07, SECS-P / 08, SECS-P / 09, SECS-P / 10 and SECS-P / 11.


3) The curricular requirements also include knowledge of the English language with a level of not less than B2; the requirement is deemed satisfied if the candidate has

  • acquired at least 6 ECTS of English in the three-year course.
  • Spent at least 6 months for an Erasmus project or for work in an English speaking country
  • Has attended any course delivered in English (for no less than 6 months)
B. Adequacy of the student's personal preparation

Admission to the master's degree course is subject not only to the possession of the curricular and linguistic requirements, but also to the verification of the adequacy of the personal preparation of the candidates which will take place through the administration of a multiple-choice test. The test will focus on topics consistent with the educational path described in a specific information sheet and published on the degree course web page.

The test will be provided in the periods 20-24 June 2022 and 22-28 September 2022. Moreover, precise communication on the date and operating methods will follow on the LS MMF web page.

The key topics covered in the test and possible sources to check your preparation can be found here.

Students with the following characteristics are exempt from carrying out the test:

  • three-year graduates who have achieved a degree grade of no less than 90/110;
  • students who have not yet graduated who have an average score of the exams taken of no less than 24/30.

For students with an international bachelor, admission to the course is subject to the evaluation of the CV and qualifications, aimed at assessing the possession of the curricular requirements and verifying the adequacy of personal preparation; these assessments will be carried out through an interview with the appropriate Commission.