The master degree in Management, Marketing and Finance (MMF) - former a.y. 2020-2021 International Management, Entrepreneurship and Finance (IMEF) - totally taught in English, aims to develop skills, knowledges, competences and abilities needed to become managers, entrepreneurs, analysts and professionals of tomorrow. People that are able to cope with the most pressing and urgent social and economic challenges of the present and of the upcoming future. MMF’s trained students will be professionals able to develop, govern, and exploit massive trends of change in three fundamental business functions: management, marketing and finance.

Attending this master degree students will have the opportunity to:
1) experiment the most advanced learning-by-doing teaching practices;
2) live a teaching experience which is highly affected by the most advanced and cutting-edge academic research;
3) learn by using a set of digital technologies made available to us by the most reputed and globally known suppliers of digital technologies used in business practice;
4) learn from dozens of visiting professors from the best business schools of the world;
5) study and live in a multicultural environment due to the great number of exchange and foreign students that increasingly choose our master degree as the best way to begin their professional career;
6) participate to further  educational programs and training initiative organized by the faculty;
7) take advantage of the wide net of Italian, European and extra-European companies with which we have internships agreements.

Program Director: prof. Daniela Andreini

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